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A guide to safer one-night stands.

As is well known, casual sex has become a way to experience intimacy outside of a relationship. These types of encounters can be an experience of great joy and pleasure, intimacy, healing, and more. Having casual sex is a personal choice we make, and we must be aware of how this type of choice, in addition to helping us have a pleasant time, brings physical and emotional risks.

What are the main benefits of having one-night stands?

  • sexual pleasure outside a relationship

  • having fun

  • boosting self-esteem

Likewise, we recommend a series of tips so that you can enjoy it to the fullest while taking care of your physical and mental health:

  1. Since these encounters can likely occur with people we have known for even a few hours, make sure that someone close to you knows where and with whom you are. We recommend you activate your live location.

  2. Choose a neutral place: Since you do not know the other person, we suggest you do not involve everyday spaces, and even if you live alone, avoid going to your apartment or house. It is best to go to a hotel.

  3. “This person looks clean” is not a strong statement for having sex with a person. Using barrier protection, like a condom, is not negotiable here. Also, speaking with a doctor about STI prevention strategies is recommended.

  4. Since everything stems from physical attraction, avoid getting involved in any other way with this person.

  5. Remember that it is always without obligation, but with the consent and responsibility.

  6. No regrets! If you really want to enjoy a night of sex and a lot of pleasure, take off your complexes. Don't overthink the situation by considering that sleeping with someone you just met is right or wrong; this will make you waste good moments of adrenaline.

If, after trying a one-night stand and you decide that it is not for you since you do not feel comfortable and that you think is the intimacy committed in a formal relationship, it is perfect! Even if it's just sex, you shouldn't feel unappreciated or like the other has disrespected you. Although there are no rules in the game of love, it is not a field with many possibilities to find a formal boyfriend. First, there is you; therefore, knowing you is essential to having a good time.



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