An all-encompassing app that takes the whole body into account and how it changes throughout our monthly cycle.
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About Us

Designed With Women in Mind

It's important to have as much information as possible when it comes to our bodies and our health so we can make the best decisions for our overall well-being. Adira provides a platform for women to voice their concerns and monitor their body to allow for more clarity and control in regards to their health. 


Cycle Tracking

& More

Monitoring cyclical changes

Menstrual cycle tracking is incredibly important in identifying gynecological issues and also helps better prepare us for our monthly period.

Birth control tracking

Reproductive monitoring

Symptomatic tracking

Reflect on your daily experience through journaling 

A secure outlet to write about anything you desire

Habit tracking to keep you on target towards your goals

Monitor your daily habits to help make a healthier you

Keep healthy by working out and eating according to your cycle

Workouts to help you stay healthy and relieve period pains

Recipes tailored to your specific dietary requirements


We Believe in the Power of Community and Collaboration

By offering articles and forums where women can directly communicate with each other socially and informatively, we're striving to open communication channels, focused on women's health, world-wide to provide the best support and information base possible in a mobile app platform. 

*There are age limits on for the access of some content


Our Community

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