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Let's talk breastfeeding

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Breast milk is the best food you can give your baby, during the first six months of their lives. After all, it's vital because it satisfies all the nutritional needs they require. You can breastfeed your baby anytime, for a minimum of ten times during a day. Besides, it's the most economic option.

With this information, we want to offer some advice and techniques for comfortable breastfeeding. During this beautiful process, it's important to have support from your partner, family, or friends because you will require a lot of energy, so having someone that can help with home activities would be much needed.


  • During breastfeeding, the mother must be comfortable, talking and caressing the baby

  • The baby should be breastfed 15 minutes per breast

  • Once the baby is satisfied, you should burp them and lay them on their back, never faced down

  • If the baby breastfeeds often and for a long time, it will help stimulate the production of milk


  1. The chin of the baby should be in direct contact with the breast

  2. The mouth of the baby should be opened and the lower lip should be outside or inverted

  3. You should be able to see the nipple above the mouth

  4. Suction movements should be slow and deep, and you should be able to see or hear when the baby swallows the milk.


  1. The neck of the baby can be positioned in two ways, straight or a little bit folded back

  2. The body of the baby has to be near and positioned towards the mother

  3. The Baby’s body must be supported with both arms of the mother

An Act of Love

Breastfeeding is an act of love that helps strengthen the bond of affection and communication between the mother and the baby; that’s why family and friends should encourage the mother to continue exclusive breastfeeding up to six months. So, let's make it work, empower breastfeeding, and support the mother's choice to breastfeed their child anywhere.

Curious fact:

Did you know why the first breast milk after a child's birth is the most important one? This breast milk is called colostrum; it gives your baby a lot of substances that fortify the immunological system that will help protect them from diseases.

And remember...


Camila Quintero

Adira advisor, last year medicine student interested in women’s wellness and promoter of a healthy lifestyle. You can find more of her content on @karantina_col where you'll find recipes and tips to a better wellbeing.


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