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Factors that worsen menstrual cramps

We always talk about remedies, recipes, and care to make those days more bearable during our period. But why do we rarely talk about the factors that make cramps even worse and perhaps overlook them because we have normalized them?

What makes our period worse?

Stress before and during the period: According to Dr. Terry Dunn, an OB urogynecologist at Foothills Urogynecology, high-stress levels can cause hormonal changes that worsen our cramps and alter our menstrual cycle, and can cause delays in menstruation.

Too much caffeine: It may be that, momentarily, caffeine boosts our mood a bit at a time when we find ourselves more down. In return, we will feel more nervous, which can cause anxiety. Also, remember that increasing visits to the bathroom dehydrate you, which amplifies the painful pangs of colic. We suggest changing it to herbal teas and a lot of water.

Alcohol, before and during your period: We know that having our period is anything but fun, and if you think that a glass of wine or a cocktail of your choice might cheer you up a bit, go ahead, but remember that alcohol can lower your magnesium levels and raise your prostaglandins, which can cause cramping. Drink alcohol but in moderation.

Salty foods: high amounts of sodium can worsen your body's bloating and water retention. Remember that excess salt is bad for your health as it increases blood pressure, a key cause of cardiovascular disease (the WHO recommends consuming less than 5 grams daily, which is equivalent to a teaspoon).

Not getting enough sleep: Menstruation can cause sleep problems, increasing pain. What happens is that lack of sleep lowers the pain threshold.

Processed foods: Trans fats that are added to processed foods can be the cause of inflammation in the body and can worsen the symptoms. We recommend choosing whole foods, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables instead.

According to your personal experience, what other factors do you think might contribute to worsening your period?



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