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Guide for cleaning your sex toys

As the “taboo” of masturbation is becoming weaker every day, sex toys are becoming more popular too. There are hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials according to our preferences.

You can get to know your body (and your partner’s) better by experimenting with sex toys. But do you already know how to take care of them?

Don’t forget that unclean sex toys can potentially cause vaginosis or a urinary tract infection if an overgrowth of bacteria occurs.

First of all, look at your toy: Is it made of flexible material or rigid?

If the material is flexible, such as silicone, latex, or gelatin, the ideal is to wash them with neutral soap or a specific cleaner. The silicone ones are usually resistant to high temperatures and humidity so we can sterilize them with boiling water.

On the other side, if the material is rigid (made of plastic and acrylic), it is recommended to use warm water and neutral soap or a toy cleaner. If the sex toy is made of glass and metal, we suggest you use warm water, neutral soap, or a toy cleaner. Also, you can disinfect them by boiling them in water for a few seconds.

Tip: There is nothing more effective than a double cleaning! We suggest you clean it before and after its use. Some bacteria may have been deposited when it was not used, as well as when the toy is entirely new. Spend about three minutes when you surface-clean toys.

How and where to store sexual toys?

First off, make sure the toy is completely dry and clean. The original boxes where the toys come from are never appropriate for long-time storage. We recommend a satin bag and a box or container whose hygienic conditions are optimal. Also, check to place it in a fresh and dry environment away from any source of heat and sun exposure. And last but not least, if you are _ more than one toy, ensure they do not come into contact with each other.

Remember, your first sex toy is not the definitive toy you will have for life. Besides having a fun solo or with a partner, the idea of these elements is helping us get to know our body and discover our erogenous zones, thus allowing us to understand what makes us enjoy stimulating them.



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